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We are an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to providing financial management and retirement planning services to individuals and families who demand objective, unbiased advice that can be so difficult to find.

How We Help You:

  • Pension Advice - Planning for retirement is something we all need to consider. If you're not already a member of an employer's pension scheme, unemployed or a non-earning spouse, you can still contribute to a Pension. Our pension advisers will be able to provide pension advice for people at all stages of retirement planning.
  • Investment Advice - As investment advisors, our sole objective is to help you succeed. By bringing together our knowledge, skill and creativity across major asset classes, disciplines and regions globally, we can look to unearth investment opportunities for our clients. Your dedicated financial adviser will review your overall financial situation and look at the where you are now and where you want to go.
  • Retirement Advice - Maxim Wealth Management has been making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of hundreds of our clients and their families with all their retirement and financial planning needs. We help ensure our retirees have a robust financial plan to invest their money to avoid outliving their retirement income and savings.
  • Equity Release Advice - Equity release is a way of unlocking a proportion of the value – or equity – you have in your home in exchange for a tax-free lump sum. Taking out an equity release plan is an important decision. At Maxim Wealth Management we can establish whether equity release could be right for you.

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Maxim Wealth Management are committed to doing our very best to thoroughly understand your particular needs and then recommend the best, lowest-cost strategies and solutions to enable you to reach your financial goals. We promote sustainable investment practices while encouraging greater transparency and better procedures.

We look forward to serving you from our Glasgow and London offices. Or, thanks to technology, from anywhere around the globe. Our expert team can answer your questions, guide you through the process and help you make the right decision for your circumstances.

If you are looking for a financial advisor Glasgow or London, have questions about our services or would like to request a free financial consultation please contact us on 0141 764 0040 (Glasgow) or 0207 112 8654 (London). Alternatively, you can fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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