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Investing in the stock market is intrinsically linked with risk and return. That is why, whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, it is essential to find a balance between the two that fits in with your financial aims, requirements and capacity for loss. At Maxim Wealth Management Ltd, our financial advisers provide professional investment management advice based on your individual circumstances, attitude to risk, and long- and short-term financial aims. Drawing on many years of experience in the financial services industry, our we will work with you to design an investment solution that is tailor-made to help you achieve your financial goals. Contact our team for more information.

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What is your investment risk profile?

There are a great many asset classes to choose from while putting together your investment portfolio, and each one carries a different degree of risk. We strongly advise our clients to invest in a portfolio that is diversified across asset classes, geographical regions and market sectors. This approach is an excellent way to mitigate risk; if one section of the market endures a sharp drop, your investments will be protected due to their diverse allocations to different asset classes.

At Maxim Wealth Management Ltd, we offer a range of specialised ISA portfolio choices based on different risk profiles. Each one comprises a different blend of assets, specifically chosen by our experts to match varying attitudes to risk:

  • Risk profile 1: Cautious. These investors are typically looking for safer investments, based on capital preservation rather than higher returns. Typically they do not have a great deal of experience with the stock market, and are reluctant to take any degree of risk. Bank deposits and bonds are often the preferred investment vehicle.
  • Risk profile 2: Moderately cautious. These investors tend to regard themselves as quite cautious people and are inclined to view risk with a degree of wariness rather than as a source of opportunity. Once the relationship between risk and return has been comprehensively explained, they may be more willing to take on additional risk with their investments.
  • Risk profile 3: Balanced. Balanced investors can be inclined to look for safer investments rather than higher returns, but they understand that a degree of investment risk may be required to meet their investment goals. Often they have some investment experience, and are investing for capital growth over the medium to long-term.
  • Risk profile 4: Moderately adventurous. Moderately adventurous investors are reasonably comfortable investing in the stock market and often have considerable experience with investment vehicles. They typically prefer slightly riskier investments, understanding that this will give them more significant upside potential.
  • Risk profile 5: Adventurous. Adventurous investors tend to view risk as a source of opportunity. They are generally focused on seeking substantial returns, and fully understand the additional level of risk that they must take on to achieve this. Adventurous investors have significant investment experience and fully understand the fluctuating nature of the stock market.

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