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From a financial perspective, retirement is a huge worry for most people. With new pension rules and ever-changing plans, no wonder many are concerned about how secure their current retirement plans actually are. At Maxim Wealth Management Ltd., we are the foremost firm of pension consultants in Glasgow and have years of experience helping our clients plan for the future. Changes in pensions legislation, tax-free earnings and inheritance law has meant that private pension planning has become a lot more complicated and stressful for many. Ensure you have an expert pension consultant on hand to help talk you through your options and support you in any changes. For a free consultation, bespoke financial solutions and reliable pension advice in Glasgow, contact our expert team today.

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Pension Plan Options and Pension Advice in Glasgow

Our pension advisory services can explain these different plans so you can make the most informed choice. Work-based plans are run by employers on behalf of their staff, and any contributions are normally deducted from your salary. Private, or individual, plans are usually set up by you and normally only include personal contributions to that plan. When you seek pension advice in Glasgow from Maxim Wealth Management Ltd. we will fully explain these different plans as well as the following ‘sub’ options which cover both major types:

From private pension plans to work-based pension plans, our expert team can provide multiple financial options and comprehensive pension advice.

  • Personal pensions
  • Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs)
  • Annuities

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Maxim Wealth Management Ltd. are the leading pension planners in Glasgow and Scotland. Our team of experienced professionals will help guide you through the complexity of choices and legislation. These are important choices that will decide on the security you have in later life. We will advise you in an honest and jargon-free way so you fully understand any option you choose. To speak to one of our pension advisors in Glasgow, book a free appointment today by phoning 0141 764 0040.

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