Retirement FAQs answered by our Glasgow-based financial experts

Retirement planning can be confusing, and many find it difficult to know where to start. From starting out with regular savings to understanding investment diversification and risk and reward, we’ve answered your retirement FAQs questions below. Want to find out more, or discuss your specific situation with an adviser? Just give us a call to book your free retirement planning consultation.

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What happens if I die before taking my retirement benefits?

Your pension may provide needed support to your family in several ways:

  • If your employer added additional life assurance to your plan, the relevant amount may be paid out
  • The value of your pension may be paid in a tax-free lump sum to your family or the person you nominate when you set up your retirement plan

The team at Maxim Wealth Management Ltd will discuss your options with you when drawing up your plan.

How will retirement affect my spouse?

It’s important to manage the different aspects and expectations of retirement. At Maxim Wealth Management Ltd, we recommend including your spouse in your retirement planning. Work together with a financial planner to manage your finances post retirement so you can maintain a certain lifestyle. Visit our offices today to discuss your options. We’re based in Glasgow, servicing Lanarkshire.

What exactly is carry forward?

If you have not used your full annual allowance from past years, you may be able to carry it forward and use your money in the current tax year. Talk to us today to find out more. We are based in Glasgow and service Lanarkshire.

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