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Self-invested personal pensions are a specialised type of personal pension, aimed at more sophisticated investors who are interested in choosing and managing their own fund portfolio. SIPPs offer a far wider fund selection that traditional personal pensions, including the possibility for direct investment in commercial property, individual listed securities, fund supermarkets, collective investments and unquoted shares. With the added freedom of being able to invest in such a wide variety of assets, SIPPs generally have higher management charges than stakeholder or individual personal pension schemes.

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What are the advantages of SIPPs?

  • Borrow up to 50% of the net scheme assets, e.g. to facilitate a commercial property purchase
  • Freedom to invest in a far wider range of asset classes, including individual stocks and shares, gilts, fund supermarkets and property
  • “In specie” contributions are allowed. Making a contribution in the form of a property or a quoted security (shares) would be acceptable and would be eligible for tax relief.
  • All the same tax relief benefits as in a group or individual personal pension

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Professional SIPP advice

SIPPs are a complex product, and they are not appropriate for every client. However, they do have significant potential for returns and tax-efficient savings if handled correctly. If you are thinking of investing into a SIPP, it is essential to have a trusted adviser on hand to let you know the advantages and disadvantages of this investment vehicle for your unique circumstances. At Maxim Wealth Management Ltd we have been working with a wide variety of individual pension plans for over 17 years, and we understand the pros and cons of every option. Our SIPPs can be managed directly by you, or some clients elect for a discretionary fund management firm to take care of the allocation on their behalf.

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